Our Cuisine

Montaditos with caviar
Paella with sunflowers
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Our Cuisine

The chefs behind Ñora are inspired by the old-world traditions of Spanish cuisine, combined with fresh, local ingredients. Our cooking marries time-honored recipes with the unique flavors of the Bay Area, culminating in a style all our own. The extensive menu includes traditional and innovative Paella, Tapas, Platters and Desserts.

“Paella, Perfected” – Michael Bauer, SF Chronicle

At Ñora, we take a modern approach to making paella. As Chef Monleón would jokingly put it, “my [Valencian] grandmother is probably turning over in her grave with some of the things we do to Paella.” But it’s our unique approach that sets us apart: we use ingredients native to California, giving rise to mouth-watering combinations of flavors that you might never find in Spain. While we have the traditional Valencian paella recipe on our menu, we have also included many of our own innovative creations. Chef Sarlatte explains, “We don’t necessarily adhere to tradition, rather our goal is to take people on a trip. When people taste our food, they are transported to Spain. It might be because it’s something they had at a tapas bar in Madrid, or it’s something different and unique that still channels the Spanish spirit.”

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