How can I reserve Nora Spanish Catering for my event?

We need to receive a deposit in order to hold the date for your event. Typically, a $500 deposit is

required in order to hold your date. The final balance is due on the day of your event.

When do I have to give you my final guest count / menu selections?

We ask that all details related to your event, including guest count, timeline and menu be finalized 10 days before the event.

Do you have a minimum?

There is no minimum for the number of guests at your event. We do have a food and beverage sales minimum of $1000 for events Sunday-Friday, and for Saturday events our food and beverage minimum is $1500. If you would like paella only, we have a $800 minimum for any day of the week. If you have any budget restrictions, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you! Events that take place on holidays may be subject to different minimums.

How long does it take to cook paella?

Paella takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours to cook. We prefer to arrive onsite about 2 ½ hours before the paella will be served in order to set-up and begin cooking.
Please note that once we begin cooking the paella, and add the rice (about 45 minutes before serving), we cannot slow down the process and strongly suggest serving the paella when it is ready.

How long will your staff be at the event?

Our staff will typically arrive to set up 1-2 hours prior to your guests’ arrival. The chefs are usually on site for 4-5 hours from the beginning to end of your event.

Our servers and bartenders are great at setting up the buffet tables and décor prior to your event. We set the tables with our rustic or modern style risers and platters, colorful table runners and the star of the show, our delicious food.

Are the paella chef and tapas chef included?

Yes! For all onsite cooking, our paella chef and tapas chef are included in the pricing of the food.

All tapas and side dishes will be prepared in your kitchen. We will need counter space, a sink, oven and stove. **If your kitchen has limitations (a small stove, for example) please let us know.

Our staff is full of highly trained chefs that have worked side by side for years with our Chef/Owners perfecting the art of cooking paella. We all have been working together for years and are treated like family.

Do you clean up before leaving the venue?

Of course! Prior to leaving your event our chefs will leave the kitchen how they found it by sweeping and cleaning the appliances that they used. If your event has servers or bartenders, they are there to help you in any way from set-up to cleaning up once your guests depart.

How much space do you need? Can you cook inside?

The amount of space we need varies based on the number of paellas we are cooking and the size of the pan. Generally, we need about 10×10 foot space to cook the paella. We can cook it outside, on the grass or on concrete. When cooking on concrete, we bring a mat to prevent splatter from staining your floors.
We are able to cook paella inside, and need a full stove to do so.

How big are the paella pans?

Size of the pans varies based on the number of servings, but a 20 serving pan is xxx inches in diameter, a 50 serving pan is xxx inches in diameter, a 100 serving pan is xxx inches in diameter.

Why do you charge an administrative catering fee?

The service charge pays for operating costs involved with putting on your event and also backend expenses involved with running the catering business. It covers things such as insurance, advertising, van maintenance, fuel to get to events, cocktail napkins, and various sundries. It also covers the cost of the hours needed to prep and plan the event. We do not charge for walk-throughs and meetings. This fee offsets all of these costs to insure our clients aren’t worrying about asking for help in these areas. We like to insure that the planning process is as easy as possible with nothing to worry about once you have us on board.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

When possible, the event and services provided may be rescheduled at a date that both parties agree upon, for no additional fee.

All deposits are returned in full if you cancel the event 180 days or more from the event date. If the event is canceled between 90-179 days from the event date, all deposits are returned, less a $250 fee. If the event is canceled within 89 days of the event date, all deposits are forfeited.

Are you a licensed caterer?

Yes, we are licensed by the Alameda Health Department and we have a reseller business permit. We also have an ABC license to serve alcohol.