Tray Catering

Montaditos with caviar
Paella with sunflowers
Sample catering menu

Tray Service Catering

For more casual events, our Tray Service Catering offers a convenient way to enjoy the flavors of Spain. Choose from a selection of our best dishes, perfect for gatherings, meetings, or family dinners. We also provide paella pan rentals for an authentic touch. Looking for ease without compromising on taste? Click here to order.

Delivery Through EZ-Cater

Looking for even more convenience? Nora Spanish Catering partners with EZ-Cater to offer delivery options for our delicious Spanish cuisine. Whether it’s a corporate function or a family dinner, enjoy the flavors of Spain from the comfort of your own home or office. With EZ-Cater’s seamless ordering process, experiencing the best of Nora Spanish Catering has never been easier. Order now and let us bring the taste of Spain directly to your doorstep. Click here to order.

“Paella, Perfected” – Michael Bauer, SF Chronicle Food Critic

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