Curating Your Own Beer and Wine Selection for Your Event: A Guide

Selecting the right beer and wine can elevate any event, creating a memorable experience for your guests. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or private celebration, the drinks you offer play a pivotal role in setting the atmosphere. Here’s your guide to curating a beer and wine selection that will impress your guests, including tips on purchasing from BevMo, choosing the right varieties, and considerations for glassware.

Choosing Your Wines

When it comes to wine, offering a versatile selection that caters to different tastes while complementing your menu is key.

Red Wine: Tempranillo

A versatile red like Tempranillo is a perfect choice for any event. This Spanish grape variety produces wines that are flavorful yet smooth, making it an excellent match for a wide range of foods.

White Wine: Albariño

For white wine, a classic choice like Albariño offers a refreshing and aromatic option. Its crisp acidity and citrus notes pair beautifully with lighter dishes, seafood, and can even stand up to spicy foods.

Selecting Your Beers

Incorporate a taste of Spain with your beer selection by opting for popular Spanish brews.

Estrella Galicia and Estrella Damm

Both Estrella Galicia and Estrella Damm offer a taste of Spain’s rich beer culture. These lagers are well-loved for their balanced flavor profiles that can easily accompany different stages of your event, from welcome drinks to dancing.

Don’t Forget the Sangria

No Spanish-themed event is complete without Sangria. Our Signature Sangria recipe provides a fruity and festive option that’s always a hit. It’s a great way to add a custom touch to your beverage selection.

Planning Your Quantities

Determining how much beer and wine to buy can be challenging. BevMo’s Beverage Calculator is an invaluable tool that helps estimate the quantities needed based on your guest count and event duration. Use the BevMo Beverage Calculator to ensure you’re well-stocked for the night.

Glassware Considerations

The choice between using real glassware or opting for disposable options can significantly affect the tone and flow of your event.

Glass Rentals for Formal Events

For more formal or seated events, renting high-quality glassware adds an elegant touch. It’s also more sustainable than disposable options and can enhance the tasting experience of your chosen wines and beers.

Transitioning to Disposable Cups

For events expected to run late or feature dancing and mingling, transitioning to high-quality plastic disposable cups can be a practical choice. It ensures safety, convenience, and cost savings without significantly compromising the experience.

Making Your Selection Work for You

Whether you opt for glass the whole night or transition to disposables, the key is to choose what best fits your event’s style and your guests’ comfort. Remember, the beverages you select and the way they’re served can significantly contribute to your event’s success.

Curating your beer and wine selection offers a wonderful opportunity to personalize your event and ensure your guests have a great time. With these tips and the right planning tools, you’ll be well on your way to hosting an event that’s both memorable and smoothly executed.

Let us help you make your next event a standout success with our expert catering services and support.

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